TW (12v) Series DC Electric Winch, 12VDC


681 – 1362kg

  • Manufactured by Dutton Lainson, USA.
  • Power-in and freewheel-out operation with positive mechanical brake.
  • Clutch control knob engages gears on releases load in a controlled freewheel mode.
  • Equipped with a 6.096m x 5.08cm polyester strap and hook.
  • All 12 volt DC models include wiring harness (7.5m positive battery and 2.4m earth wiring).

Recreational and marine.

681 – 1362kg


Model Part No. Volts/Amps Load Capacity (kg) Gear Ratio Strap Fitted
TW4000 43579 12V DC / 40A 681 324:1 6m x 50mm
TW9000 43580 12V DC / 70A 1362 570:1 6m x 50mm