SA Series (12v) DC Electric Winch


681 – 2043kg

  • Manufactured by Dutton Lainson, USA.
  • Dynamic motor brake as well as mechanical friction brake to securely hold the load.
  • Circuit-breaker overload protection.
  • Power-in, power-out, controlled freewheeling clutch and automatic brake.
  • SA Series equipped with flexible high strength aircraft cable.
  • Emergency crank handle is standard equipment.
  • Remote control kits also available.
  • All 12 volt DC models include wiring harness (7.5m positive battery and 2.4m earth wiring).

StrongArm remote control
When the traditional method of switch controls become cumbersome or does not suit the application, KITO PWB offers a plug-in remote control that allows the user to operate the winch from the up to 3 metres away and can be unplugged for safe storage. Sold separately, refer KITO PWB Part No. 46446.

Recreation and Marine.

681 – 2043kg


Model Part No. Volts/Amps
Load Capacity (kg) Gear Ratio Cable fitted
SA5000 45077 12V DC/70A 681 189:1 5mm x 6m
SA7000 45078 12V DC/70A 999 189:1 5mm x 15m
SA9000 45079 12V DC/70A 1362 570:1 5.5mm x 7.5m
SA12000 45076 12V DC/70A 2043 570:1 5.5mm x 15m